De Lorenzo Thermal Range Review | Heat Protectant

Looking after long blonde hair means a lot of work and a lot of products. I’m normally pretty lazy with my hair but lately, I’ve been working on improving it’s health and hopefully thickening it up! I have some hair and nail supplements on the way in the mail (more on those soon), I bought a new hairbrush, I wear those wiggly hair bands to tie up my ponytails and lastly, I’m using the De Lorenzo Defence range on my locks.

The Thermal range is like heat protectant for your hair. Personally, I don’t use a lot of heat and this range is mainly for repairing and protecting against heat damage. We definitely use heat on my hair at the BoBlonde salon, I’m an ambassador there so we’re always curling to create new looks! At home, sometimes I steal my mum's blowdryer but that’s about all the heat I use. If you have really heat damaged hair, you’ll probably see more dramatic results with these products.


About the range:

This range is for you if you’re using styling tools often, I know a lot of my friends straighten their hair every day! If you’re always using styling tools, you’ll probably notice that you get breakage, split ends and it can fade your colour too. The range contains AquaTherm complex technology, made up of ceramides, polymers and proteins to create the anti-breakage protection. The range is infused with Argan oil to leave your hair looking silky and the conditioner and shampoo both have heat-activated conditioning properties that come into effect while you’re styling too!

  • Sulphate free

  • Paraben free

  • Australian made

  • Certified vegan, not tested on animals


I normally stick to using a product for three weeks before reviewing it, it’s definitely been longer than that now and I’m halfway through my shampoo and conditioner bottles.

De Lorenzo Defence Thermal Shampoo 240mL - $26.95

I normally wash my hair every three days but since I’ve been using the Thermal range, sometimes I can push it to four days! I rinse my hair with the Thermal shampoo first, massaging it into a lather before washing it out. I don’t normally leave it in for longer than a minute or two. The best thing about this shampoo is that it doesn’t feel ‘coated’ like some shampoos. It feels cleansing, my hair is clean afterwards and I don’t have any scalp problems with it.

De Lorenzo Defence Thermal Conditioner 240mL - $26.95

The conditioner works really well with only a small amount, I normally focus more on the mid-lengths to ends of my hair, only applying a little bit on the roots. It has a very light coconut fragrance. I loved how this conditioner didn’t leave my hair feeling slimy or ‘coated’ and it washed out easily. I noticed after using this conditioner that my hair was soft but the shorter, previously broken hairs were controlled and not frizzing out! Best thing ever.

De Lorenzo Defence Argan Oil 50mL - $30.90

I use the Defence Argan Finishing Oil after towel drying my hair, this is so my hair is still a little bit wet. It definitely stops my hair from frizzing during the day and stops my ends from looking dry or brittle and leaves them feeling silky and smooth. Looking after the ends of my hair is so important for keeping it long. If the ends aren’t looked after properly they can look thin and frizzy, especially when tied up!



Overall I really liked using this range, it smells yummy and leaves my hair feeling so clean and healthy afterwards. It doesn’t leave my hair feeling heavy, it’s smooth without being tangled and a few of the ladies at work have actually commented on how shiny it’s been! I guess that’s proof to me that it’s been working well. I’m going to finish the bottles and I’ll definitely keep using the Argan oil too! I would definitely buy this range to use it again.

Buy De Lorenzo Thermal Range online at Hairhouse Warehouse

De Lorenzo Defence Thermal Shampoo 240mL - $26.95

De Lorenzo Defence Thermal Conditioner 240mL - $26.95

De Lorenzo Defence Argan Oil 50mL - $30.90

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