Nude by Nature 100% Natural Lip Collection Review

Nude by Nature 100% Natural Lip Collection Range Review

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Kiss Goodbye to Toxic Lipstick

Say hello to the new Nude by Nature 100% Natural Lip Collection. You can feel confident that you’re using an amazing lipstick, gloss or pencil created by an extremely aware and thoughtful brand when it comes to knowing what’s good for you! The new lip range is made up of 10 shades at the moment and they’re all very wearable colours for every day. I would feel confident wearing each of these shades into the office and out for brunch with friends too. The colours are so practical and exactly what I need in my life!

Defining Lip Pencil:

I love matching a lip pencil perfectly with a lipstick. It always makes a huge difference in refining the shape and helping the lip colour last longer! The application is smooth and even with a good amount of pigment. They’re comfortably creamy to wear and aren’t drying on the lips.

These lipsticks don’t run but I find it easier to apply these lipsticks once I have a confident outline of where I have to fill in. I go in with the rest of the lip colour, knowing that the shape will remain defined and not determined by whether I get both left and right sides the same with the lipstick, the pencil saves the day. I always recommend using a lip pencil if you can! The colours are just as pigmented as the lipsticks. They are capped with a rose gold lid and are the type of eyeliner pencil that you have to sharpen, take good care of these.

Nude by Nature Lip Collection Review

Moisture Shine Lipstick:

While the colours are vibrant and the pigmentation is beautiful, the shades aren’t anything crazy that’s going to look out of place on your lips. They’re natural looking colours, making them easy to wear. The lipsticks are creamy and smooth to apply, they have so many nourishing and moisturising ingredients so I definitely expected this. The shades are super lightweight and comfortable to wear, I almost forget that I’m wearing it.

Nude by Nature 100% Natural Lip Collection Range Review

I use a lip brush to sweep the colour from the lipstick and apply to my lips. Combining this technique with a lip pencil will help you achieve perfectly defined lips, it’s just so much more controlled and easier to create or enhance the shape you want. I feel like my lipstick wears better and for longer if I apply with a brush too. It’s definitely more precise and just feels so much neater. Applying this way, I’m not using too much product on my lips either! While the lipstick lasts well time-wise, I do need to re-apply in the centre after eating. This is another reason why I think it’s important to create good definition on the outer edges of your lips, reapplying in the centre only takes one swipe of the lipstick, but it’s much harder to re-create your lip shape if you’ve just used the lipstick on its own. This is pretty much the case for every single lipstick I’ve used from any brand!

Nude by Nature 100% Natural Lip Collection Range Review
Nude by Nature 100% Natural Lip Collection Range Review

Moisture Infusion Lipgloss:

It’s always a fun lip look if you finish it with a lip gloss! Lipgloss creates a plump and moisturised look while actually keeping your lips moisturised with shea butter and vitamin E!

They’re smooth to wear and not sticky or tacky at all, this scored huge points with me. The last thing I need is my hair getting stuck in lipgloss! Each shade is also pigmented so you can wear these on their own or over of the matching lipstick shade.

The packaging for these feels so luxe, they don’t feel plastic or flimsy at all. The doe foot applicator is a classic for lip glosses and it always works so well for a precise application.

The Ingredients:

The range is free from so many of those nasties and chemicals that most of our lipsticks have, so you can forget about synthetics like carmine, petroleum waxes, parabens and silicones. It made me question why I would settle for products with so many bad ingredients in them, we don’t have to do that anymore!

Throughout the range, you’ll find a bunch of natural ingredients like Kakadu plum, shea butter, desert lime and tangerine oil. They’re also in so many of the other Nude by Nature products too, that’s why they feel so nourishing and hydrating when you wear them! This is especially good for the lip range, hydration is key to keeping your lips from drying out. Nothing worse than painful cracked lips from a matte lipstick

I have loved using the new Lip Collection and I am so excited to wear these over Spring and Summer here in Australia. The team at Nude by Nature has been so amazingly generous in sending these to me to try before the release and I have been so impressed! I hope you love these lipsticks as much as I do and I’d love to know your favourite shade, mine is probably the Dusky Nude Lipstick!

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