Vani-T Mineral Powder Foundation Review

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If I’m doing a matte or long-lasting makeup look, it isn’t complete without a flawless setting powder. Finding the right powder can be tricky, a lot of products only work with specific formulas and don’t mix well with others. I have a few powders that I always gravitate towards, they just work well every single time. Most of my favourites are powder foundations with a bit of coverage. Last month I added a new member to my powder foundation club, it’s the Vani-T Mineral Powder Foundation.

The details:

  • The micronised mineral formula feels so light on my skin.

  • Can be worn on its own as a powder foundation or as a setting powder for liquid foundation.

  • Free of fillers and pore clogging ingredients.

  • Hypoallergenic.

  • Olive Squalene (anti-aging benefits).

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How to use the Vani-T Mineral Powder Foundation

I use this powder in two different ways. One way is completely on its own with just SPF moisturiser underneath. I have a lot of freckles so I don’t use the powder like this very often because the coverage can be quite light but definitely can be layered to create a medium coverage. I use the Mineral Powder Foundation on it own when I have days of running errands, just popping out of the house for a little bit or if I’m having an early breakfast with a friend. It’s a great foundation to use when you don’t feel like putting in a lot of effort for a full face of makeup but you still feel like you want a bit of coverage!

My overview:

  • High coverage over liquid foundation or worn on it’s own.

  • Feels light on my skin and breathable.

  • Easy to layer and for touch ups.

  • Works well on dry patches. I apply over a dry area with a smaller brush and less product.

  • Doesn’t get flaky.

  • Hides pores and redness.

  • Good lasting power, literally stays on all day!

  • I use the shade SHELL. There are 10 shades available. I can’t wait to see them add more shades to the collection!

Vani-T Mineral Liquid Foundation Review

The Mineral Liquid Foundation matches with the Mineral Powder Foundation so well! It’s the same feeling of ‘second skin’ that the products were made for. I know my skin can breathe with this formula and I don’t feel like I’m wearing caked on makeup. I wear the shade Almondine with my fake tan, I can’t wait to try a lighter shade!

One thing I absolutely loved about this foundation was that it’s very water resistant, I can jump in the pool or the beach with it on and not feel gross. Best part is that I like to wear this foundation to the gym! I know some people are against it, but I mentioned I use this shade when I’m wearing fake tan. I don’t tan my face so I just use this when I’m going to the gym or F45! It’s the perfect exercise foundation because it’s breathable and a mineral foundation.

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The details:

  • Water based formula.

  • Free of clogging ingredients and nasties.

  • Hypoallergenic.

  • Hydrating for my skin, I have a lot of dryness on my cheeks so this works so well.

  • Pigmented enough to work without a concealer.

  • Chemical free SPF 10+.

  • Water resistant coverage. Use micellar water or a facial cleanser to remove it .

My Overview

  • Best for everyday wear, whether outside exercising or the office.

  • Works well as a foundation for exercise if you wear one. I don’t feel suffocated by it and the finish is a very natural look.

  • I have been wearing this on it’s own without a setting powder, it can get a little dewy after 6 hours of wear.

  • It also works so well with the mineral powder. They’re a match made in heaven for good coverage and light feeling formulas.

  • I have been using the shade ALMONDINE with my fake tan.

Posted in collaboration with Vani-T.

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