Maybelline SuperStay Lipstick Review

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The Maybelline SuperStay Lipstick is everyones newest matte lipstick. Add it to your collection because this one stays longer than any other lipstick I’ve ever used. Matte lipsticks are perfect for a makeup look where you want a lip colour to stay on for a long period of time but remain bright and unmoved by food or flakiness at the same time. I prefer matte lipsticks to usual lipsticks for evenings or a night out to dinner, they seriously always have my back and stay on! 

Recently I was kindly gifted two shades, 05 Loyalist and 20 Pioneer. Loyalist is a pretty dusty pink-nude shade, my favourite colour at the moment. It smells AMAZING, like candy crossed with strawberries or something delicious. Pioneer is a bold, bright red with a very slight blue undertone. This colour is just insanely red, I have a few favourite red lipsticks already and this one joins my top three.


Priceline Website: 

“Ink your lips in up to 16 HR saturated liquid matte. SuperStay Matte Ink™ features a unique arrow applicator for precise application and is available in a range of super saturated shades.”

Maybelline Website:

“Saturated, inky matte lips that last. Maybelline Superstay Matte Ink Liquid Lipstick is a super intense, matte liquid lipstick that gives a flawless finish that stays put up to 16 hours. With a unique applicator, this lipstick may be applied with precision straight out of the bottle.

 Available in trend-driven shades inspired by the runway, with flattering options available for all skin tones. This smudge proof, budge proof formula is great if there's nothing you hate more than re-application. This intense liquid lipstick is made to last through meals”

The application

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The maybelline site talks about the lipsticks having a unique applicator and it definitely does. It’s almond shaped but tapered at the tip, meaning I can get a precise line without having to use a lip liner first or afterwards. The centre is slightly hollow to hold product, stopping me from needing to put the wand back into the lipstick! I end up using less product which is super important with matte lipsticks because if you use less product it looks more natural and not caked. 

I find I can overdraw/even out my lips with these without it looking too different from my actual lips. My left side scoops in while the right side bends outwards? No idea how this is a thing but it is! 

The only product I have with a similar applicator would possibly be the Revlon Ultra HD Matte Lipcolour, although that applicator is larger and more of a rectangle shape whereas the Maybelline SuperStay lipsticks applicator is almond shaped and much more precise. 

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Does the Maybelline SuperStay Lipstick Stay on?

The Maybelline SuperStay Lipstick is so long lasting that it freaked me out! I wore the shade Pioneer out for dinner and it lasted through all of my food and drink. I even ate a greasy pizza because that’s obviously my most favourite food. Without a single touch up I got home late and half asleep already, showered put my pjs on and got into bed. It was only when I got up to get some water that I saw my reflection… the lipstick was still on! Safe to say I scared myself thinking I had become part-joker, but I was pretty impressed. I used a cotton pad with micellar water to remove it eventually. 

I have noticed that the shade Pioneer has better staying power than the lighter shade, Loyalist. Loyalist was still great for staying power but noticeably rubbed off on the very inside of my lips, you know where the mouth texture changes? I think it’s a trend with all light matte shades though, it must be a difficult formula to create. I’ve noticed this with darker shades of matte foundations in general too, weird! 

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How did it wear?

Both shades seemed to wear well without emphasising my fine lines, they didn’t exaggerate any imperfections or make me look like a dried out old lady. 

It was definitely lightweight and felt nice to apply. After drying, it didn’t feel uncomfortable but it was very tacky for a while. Normally I wait for matte lipstick to dry and I apply a gloss or a balm over the top to prevent dryness but I didn’t need to do this with the SuperStay lipsticks. 

Neither of the lipsticks transferred onto my clothes or my hands, or

I would definitely say that Pioneer is an amazing shade to wear. I can’t wait to get my hands on a few of the other shades to try too. I’ve just added the shades Dreamer and Lover to my cart on Priceline! Priceline is having a 40% off sale now and the lipsticks are available here!

Final Verdict:

  • Would I use it again? Yes! I use it at least once a week
  • Recommend to a friend? Definitely
  • Best occasion: Evening
  • Favourite finish: Matte
  • Cons: It is still drying as a matte lipstick and it can be hard to get off completely! 

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