Models Own Aqua Proof Collection Review

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Colourful makeup always convinces me to create fun and interesting looks that I wouldn’t normally wear day to day. There’s just something about bright shades that sparks something creative and child-like, as if my mum has left me in the lounge room with the new beige leather couch and a packet of rainbow sharpies. Pretty easy to imagine, I’d just go HAM on that couch with those colours. That’s the perfect analogy of how I was with as soon as I opened this delivery. I’ve always wanted to write that memory on my blog somewhere and now here we are.

About Models Own Cosmetics

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If you haven’t heard of them before, Models Own is a British beauty brand that began with a focus on nail polishes and have now expanded into a pretty wide range of beauty products. From matte liquid lipsticks to palettes, highlighters, contouring sticks - pretty much everything! They also keep their products vegan friendly where possible and claim to be cruelty free so that’s always a plus! The drugstore brand is very affordable with the most expensive price at $29.95 AUD.

In February they released “The Aquaproof Collection”, a 100% Waterproof range. It’s the collection created to “help take you from the beach to the bar without the need for a touch-up”. Waterproof makeup never seems to actually be waterproof for me, always sort of just splash-proof. I think the Aquaproof range is an interesting concept to bring out for the summer months.


Around half of the products have fun sea-foam turquoise packaging, scattered with a water drop-like texture. It looks as if they’ve been splashed with water and it’s pretty realistic looking! The other half is a little different with minimal white and clear packaging. It’s the brightest packaging I’ve ever seen and it definitely compliments the range of shades in the collection too. The shades are so bright, it made me so excited to test everything out just to see how it’d look!

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The mascara was definitely waterproof. I usually avoid waterproof mascara because it’s so annoying to remove. I just apply it to the tips of my lashes and avoid anything near the base. This makes it easier to remove and much more comfortable to wear too.

Felt Tip Eyeliner (Azure) $7.77 AUD

I have never used a blue eyeliner before! This was so fun to create different eye looks to what I’m used to. I loved drawing my usual liner and then adding a blue wing across the top. It was reasonably waterproof and pretty smudge proof too! There’s also a black liner.

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Aquaproof Eyeshadow Palette Review $17.97 AUD

This was my very first cream eyeshadow palette I’ve ever tried! I have never used one before so I completely did not know what to expect from this.

There is six shimmers and four mattes in both warm and cool shades. I think you could only pair two colours together or wear them just on their own. I don’t think it’s a very easy palette to blend colours with. What did surprise me was the matte black shade! I don’t often see a creamy matte black. It was still transparent and not as matte as it could have been, but still good for a gloss on the lid of a smokey eye I think!

There’s a brush included with the palette, the small side is a shadow brush while the other side is a flattened blending brush I think? Iʼm guessing this is to apply the shades flat on to the eyelid for a solid colour. Applying a solid colour is definitely a more intense look than using my fingers but it can look slightly patchy using the brush. It tends to wipe away colour that’s already on your lid too. In regards to the shades, some are more sheer than others Dune, Patchy Peak and Brighten.

Blending out a single shade was easy but using more than one at once did mix it all together a little funky. I noticed the colours didnʼt stay how I intended them to be. When actually wearing the eyeshadow, theyʼre not as bright as the colours in the palette. I guess because theyʼre kind of like a sheer lip gloss for your eyelids?

Overall I think the palette was really hard to work with, I might need to give it another go! I found itʼs not so great for blending a few shades together but the colours look best when applied on their own as a statement shadow colour or applied over the top of a base of blended powder eyeshadow.

Lip Glosses $11.95 AUD

The lip glosses  come in 3 shades, Pink Sugar, Balet and Amberine. They’re super glossy and very transparent to wear. I would suggest wearing these over a lipstick of the same colour to enhance it. I can't find them online for sale anywhere anymore.

Poolside Polishes $8.95 AUD

There are 5 shades in the collection and they’re said to contain UV filters to keep the colours bright! I’m normally a nude nail polish wearer so these were a hugely different look for me! They definitely felt summery, like I should be on the beach in Malibu or something. The five colours are Airtight Turquoise, Impervious Pink, Impassable Yellow, Cerise Stopper and Orange Seal

*Products have been sent to me in exchange for a review or payment. All products are used and tested over a period of time to see how it reacts to multiple circumstances. All opinions and reviews are honest and my own. Brands understand and acknowledge that I will always express my true, honest opinion and experience when agreeing to send products for review.

I am not a trained professional, please test the products or ask for professional advice in store.