My First Haircut in 7 Years! At BoBlonde Hair Dressing

A haircut is something many of us dread and avoid, even loathe - Myself especially. I’ve been growing my hair since 2010 (No layers or awkward side fringes since that year). A haircut is something I’ve honestly been a bit frightened of, having waist-length hair is something I’ve easily gotten used to. 

I’ve been seeing the amazing team at BoBlonde for just over a year now and my blonde hair is much thicker and healthier than it ever has been. I’m a low-maintenance hair kind of girl so the TLC at BoBlonde every 6-8 weeks is the perfect amount of attention plus I always love a scalp massage. 


My hair history

Before I was an ambassador at BoBlonde, I had only ever dyed my hair around four times in my life. See, I told you I was low-maintenance! 

I had put a blonde box dye on my hair in 2013 (yeah regrets), resulting in obviously a really pleasant tone of fried orange hair. I played football for a few years in high school which meant reckless messy buns and careless ponytails all the time. Plus I found out what a straightener was.

Before everything, I was a swimmer from 2002 - 2012. Yep, I tortured my hair in chlorine during morning and evening training sessions 6 or more times a week. I’m a terrible person I know. 

My Hair now

Now, I see the BoBlonde girls every 2 months or so. I use Olaplex, Kevin Murphy products, those spring hair ties and I don’t use ANY heat. I don’t own a straightener or a hair dryer. I have a curling iron but I’m yet to learn how to master it.

Before the cut

Before the cut

After the Cut

After the Cut

The Cut

SO, getting this cut was a big step for me. My hair’s life story is short and not too dramatic. A 3 inch cut took a lot of mental prep but I knew my hair needed it. The cut meant saying goodbye to my thinning ends that I refused to cut off previously. I was left with thick, bouncy and healthy hair that actually held curls, hallelujah.

Julia did an incredible job and I’m happy with my cut. I feel like I definitely overreacted my freak-out to begin with and now I’m comfortable with the length.

Are you confident with hair cuts? I’m so in love with my ‘new hair’ but not sure what to do with it next, any ideas?

The Final look:

No filters, no editing. Just look at that incredible blonde tone by Julia!


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