Instagram Story Templates - Three Good Things Every Day

I've seen so many templates lately that are based around telling people things about yourself. Now don't get me wrong, everyone loves talking about themselves BUT I haven't seen anything that works inwards and in turn, is good for yourself and your daily outlook.

Years ago, I used to force myself to write down three good things at the end of each day. It didn't matter how big or how small, as long as I could write down three things. Some were as small as 'Got out of bed today' and other things were life a changing 'Graduated today' or relieving like 'Passed my History exams'. 

It was like a pep talk to myself reminding me that no matter how crappy the day seemed to be, there is always something good to take away. Whatever was negative during the day probably only lasted 10 minutes while there was a whole 23 hours and 50 minuted of good or okay stuff.

I began writing my three good things on my old blog and a number of my followers started doing it too. They often let me know how much it positively changed their outlook too! 

I thought the templates would be a great way to get back to that and spread the daily positivity. Tag me if you post one, I wanna see what made your day! 

Three Good Things Template - Purple.png
Three Good Things Template - Blue.png
Three Good Things Template - Purple (1).png
Three Good Things Template - Grey.png
Three Good Things Template - Green.png
Three Good Things Template - Orange.png