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Shiseido’s Future Solution LX Luxury Facial

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I’ve always wanted to turn off, relax and get a facial but I just never seem to have the time, or at least I don’t make the time! I’ve recently spent a bit of time at David Jones in Mandurah Forum because guess what, they do facials in store! No more excuses, I can pop in for a treatment or a mask after some shopping in the new Forum.

Inside David Jones there are two treatment rooms available to be used at any time for you to relax, unwind and ultimately, just treat yourself - Something I strongly believe in! I visited one morning for a skin consultation, a Shiseido Future Solution LX Luxury Facial and makeup application to finish off my time with the Shiseido ladies.

We started with a Skin Consultation, the best way to look at my current skincare regime and work on a beauty method for my skin for the future. The Skin Consultation was so interesting! They confirmed a few things I was already thinking about and talked me through my skin type along with the best products to care for my skin. My face is dry around the lower part of my cheeks and normal/oily around my T-zone area. I need a lot of moisture around my dry areas and to control the oilier areas, not an easy task!

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Next up was a hydrating and soothing Hand Massage for around 10 minutes, this is done in the facial room and focuses on the Tsubo pressure points. I felt as though it released so much tension and stress that I hold in my arms and shoulders daily. It was perfect to start the massage to get into a full relaxation mode and then, onto the Facial Massage with the Future Solution Range.

Then onto the part that I was looking forward to the most - The Hot Stone Facial. First, my existing makeup was removed, my face and decolletage (shoulders, upper chest) were moisturised and massaged by hand. The Facial Massage uses traditional Japanese techniques. It focused on aspects that we covered in my Skin Consultation like my dehydrated areas, fatigue and tiredness along with working on any areas where there might be some premature ageing.

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The hot stones were so relaxing during the facial. I felt so much tension released from my jaw and my shoulders. I kind of stopped being a blogger at this moment and just let myself relax and make the most of the experience. The hot stones are used to promote circulation throughout the face, removing toxins and rejuvenating the skin. I definitely feel as though this is a wonderful facial with so many practical benefits, it’d be perfect if you’re living in a city with polluted air or using makeup every day.

My facial finished off with a sheet mask and moisturising before a Makeup-Touch-up. This wasn’t a full makeup application, just a quick application of coverage because I had to head to work afterwards! We went for a very natural look, embracing my glowing skin from the facial and a nude lipstick.

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About the Future Solution Range:

I learned so much about the luxurious Future Solution range and the Shiseido products in store at David Jones in the Mandurah Forum. The Future Solution range uses a herb discovered in Japan at the sacred mountain of Mt. Koya. Skin longevity research led the Shiseido team to use the herb as it was well known in Japan for its health benefits. A combination of Skingenecell 1P and Enmei Extract creates the SkingenecellEnmei Complex, forming the anti-ageing ingredient. The aim of the entire range is to slow the appearance of fine lines and retain and restore youthful looking skin that is smooth, soft and radiant.

Products we used in the facial: Extra Rich Cleansing Foam, Concentrated Balancing Softener, Total Protective Cream, Total Regenerating Cream, Eye and Lip Contour Regenerating Cream.

See here to book an appointment with the Shiseido team at David Jones:

Thank you to David Jones Mandurah Forum for my experience with the Shiseido team!