UNIQLO Perth Store Launch

UNIQLO Perth - Fashion Blogger Izzy Smith

UNIQLO Perth Store Launch - Preview and VIP Champagne Breakfast

Address: 185-191 Murray Street Mall, Perth WA 6000

Every time I have the chance to shop at UNIQLO, I shop up a storm. I’ve only seen the store in Sydney, KL Airport and while I was in Tokyo, Japan. I strategically shopped at the one in Japan for my thermals and jumpers on the way to the Hokkaido snow in January!

Finally, Perth is getting its very own UNIQLO store. I feel so proud! It’s a shop and a brand that I feel is very in tune with its customers and the local areas around their stores too. It’s so important to tailor the store and products to the market that surrounds it, it’s what they do best. I think our store will have a lot more summer wear, linen and easy to style pieces. Plus, the price point is such a nice surprise for the good quality of clothes there.

I caught the train into the city for an early preview and a champagne breakfast, what a way to start the day? The UNIQLO store is right in the heart of the Murray street shopping district, opposite MYER. If you’re planning on leaving with a few heavy bags of shopping, it might be best to drive and park.

UNIQLO PERTH - Cotton Linen Relaxed Shorts
UNIQLO PERTH - Cotton Linen Relaxed Shorts

I arrived at 8:30am and was warmly welcomed to the store, it’s huge inside - two levels! I chatted and browsed with a few other Perth bloggers before a lovely welcome speech by Jess. We were then free to roam the store and lucky enough to select two pieces each to style. I’m sure you already guessed it, I ended up purchasing a few things too!

UNIQLO PERTH - Plain Shirts

The store was stocked to the brim with the UNIQLO colour palette, women’s on the right and men’s on the left. There are neutrals everywhere with pops of bright colours, burnt orange, navy blue, mustard and dusty pink. Looking along the racks there are the most perfectly tailored work pants, beautiful soft blouses and of course, the famously classic puffer jacket that UNIQLO has become so well known for.

UNIQLO PERTH - Cotton Blouse

At the front of the store on the women’s side, there is a huge collection of linen. Jumpsuits, tailored pants, collared button up tops and flared pants with tie waists. So much linen!

UNIQLO PERTH - Puffer Jacket

You might’ve noticed lately, linen has become pretty popular recently. I think its come around again during European Summer. The fabric is one of my favourites for sure. Linen so breathable because of the low thread count, it’s hypoallergenic and it’s great for warmer climates as it’s so absorbent compared with other fabrics! If you can’t already tell, I’m a huge fan. It gets better with every wash and it lasts so much longer than your usual cotton shirt. The linen ‘look’ has definitely become a popular style recently, I still steam my linen though - I can’t stand the creases! If you’re feeling the trend, definitely see that section in the store!

The thermals and puffer jackets have always been a standout for me. It definitely still gets chilly during Perth winters and they’re great to wear underneath your everyday clothes. I’m obsessed with the linen section and I haven’t even started talking about the workwear yet.

The workwear is definitely a strong point for UNIQLO, I noticed this overseas as well. The styles, cuts and colour selection makes me feel like I can wear the workwear casually too. It’s sleek and well tailored for the office while being comfortable enough to throw a coat or leather jacket on and go out for dinner in the evening.

I could probably go on forever about UNIQLO and what’s inside our new store but it’s probably best if you pop in and see for yourself! The store opens on Thursday the 30th of August (in two days time!). I’d love to know what you think of the store, or if you’ve shopped there before at an overseas or at another Australian store!


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UNIQLO PERTH - Cotton and Rayon Blouse
UNIQLO PERTH - Perth Shopping
UNIQLO PERTH - Purchases

Invited by iD Collective in Melbourne - Thank you for having me at UNIQLO!