The Best Black Friday Sales You Need to Know 2018

Here’s Your Black Friday Sales 2018, in Australia.

You’ve probably heard about the biggest online and in-store sales of the year, but when does Black Friday 2018 start? The official date is Friday, 23 November but a lot of brands start as early as the Monday beforehand!

The Black Friday sales merge into Cyber Monday sales, celebrating online shopping. I’ve found in the past that the Black Friday sales are normally heavily discounted in comparison to Cyber Monday. There are stores who just extend their Black Friday sales or some even discount products further!

Here’s a huge list of Black Friday Sales happening now. I’ll keep updating it as I see things come through my email and on social media!

If you’re new to shopping on Black Friday, read through my online sales shopping tips in a recent blog post here!

Black Friday Beauty/Makeup Brands:

Black Friday Fashion Sales:

Black Friday Shoes on Sale:

Black Friday Accessories:



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