How To Style A Teddy Bear Coat

Tips on styling the practical and on trend winter staple

Spring is on my mind even though we’re only edging closer to the end of Autumn. Can you tell I’m not a huge fan of the cold? There’s still months and months of frosty mornings and chilly evenings to come, so we might as well start rugging up!

Your jackets and coats will be an essential for the next few months, mainly because it will actually keep you warm, but it will also put the finishing touches on any winter look. Unless your office has incredible heating or you work from home, coats are going to become part of your daily outfits from here on in.

Let’s pull away from the puffer coats for a little while and look at streamline, clean shapes. I do love my puffer, it’s one of the warmest jackets I have! I just don’t fit in a seat on the train when I’m wearing it. I have made more of an effort to find coats that keep me cosy without disregarding the personal space of everyone around me at the same time.

How to style the teddy coat

Feel inspired to wear a statement coat this winter with a teddy coat! It graced our wardrobes in late 2016 and it’s not going away. This is a style that suits almost every style, I feel like you can’t go wrong with it. It’s something so neutral that it can be styled to suit a hundred different outfits.

Elevate your basics

A statement jacket or coat is often very loud and can be quite busy to look at! Pairing it with a simple pair of wide leg pants, a tee and pointed shoes will accentuate the texture and size of the coat - allowing it to be appreciated in its entirety! If you’re a minimalist, go for neutral colours that compliment the tone of the teddy coat. Warm tones are my favourites at the moment.

If you’re a bold dresser, wear a pair of corduroy textured pants with a statement tee under your teddy coat. They’re still basics but the mix and match of texture and colour can create dimension and interesting points to your look rather than just the teddy coat as the focus!

Cosy and cool

It’s the most practical coat I have besides the puffer jacket I mentioned earlier. I always throw it on when I have to go out to my car at night or run an errand in the evening. Your winter looks don’t have to leave you feeling freezing!

Looking cool in a teddy coat can be tricky, I feel like the trend has been hijacked by almost every teenager in sight. I would choose to wear this with a silk midi skirt, black turtleneck, gold jewellery and croc textured heels for the work commute. For a weekend look, opt for a cropped teddy jacket and pair it with your favourite pair of jeans, pointed black boots and a statement tee.

This is a piece that will be worn time and time again throughout the winters to come! I feel as though each winter we will improve on last years teddy jackets, bringing out new ways to wear the warm staple.

My Teddy Coat Picks:

Izzy Smith Coat 2.JPG
Izzy Smith Coat 1.JPG