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Our Impact and what's impacting us. 

A few things this fortnight that impacts us. Observing some changes for mental health, along with our impact on the environment, the election and natural makeup.

Hello again! 
I'm popping into your inbox with a few things you may have missed this fortnight, or maybe they're things that you have deliberately avoided. It's been a weird week of news with some absolutely horrific things happening around the world. I have tried to focus on some light-hearted bits and bobs.

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Watch: Sex Education
It's funny and highschool-ish without being corny. I binge-watched it, big time. The socially awkward British comedy-drama Netflix series covers the exploration and honest 'figuring out' happening in teenage years. I found myself wishing there was something like this to watch in high school rather than just Skins. The show includes a nonjudgmental depiction of a range of sexualities and preferences while exploring and building on each character individually.
I think it's pretty progressive with a number of really realistic situations. I like this review here.

App: The App I use to edit my Instagram Stories.
Do you like seeing curated stories or prefer 'in the moment' stuff? I think a mix of both is good, especially when you see how pretty this app is!

Article: Fashion industry's carbon impact bigger than airline industry's
"The apparel and footwear industries together account for more than 8 per cent of global climate impact, greater than all international airline flights and maritime shipping trips combined."
A bit of info about the industry along with a few ways to help reduce your impact.

Read this article on CBS News.

Podcast: #187 Jameela Jamil: A Revolution Against Shame
I've recommended this podcast before but I loved Emma's discussion on shame with actress and activist, Jameela Jamil. They talk through the importance of loving yourself, dispelling shame, using her various platforms for good, the struggles marginalized people face, and everything around these topics. 

Listen on Apple Podcasts or Acast.

Another listen for the week: Elle Ferguson | Founder of the Elle Effect by Gemma Watts from The Glow Journal.

Article: Instagram will trial making the number of likes on posts invisible — here's why
This week, Canadians will experience the latest Instagram trial - Removing likes and views from others' photos and videos.
I'm not sure how I feel about this yet. I'm not sure if I completely agree with this change for all accounts but I do think it's likely a good feature for users under 18 years old. Will this change will turn the focus back to follower counts?

Read this article on ABC.

Blog: Nude by Nature 100% Natural Lip Collection Review
I haven't had a lot of time to write new reviews recently but I've noticed some people are still reading this one. I love a good lipstick and I often feel so incomplete without wearing one! If you're looking for a new lipstick, I think you'll like these.

Article: Don’t just throw money at hot influencers – get a strategy
This is one for people who work in the marketing/influencer space. As an audience, we're smarter than we ever have been. Our expectations from brands and influencers set the bar at a high level. Stop just throwing money at hot people and work on a strategy that actually benefits your brand and story. This article states that "the [influencer] industry is projected to exceed $8bn globally by 2020". I talked last week about the possibilities of the influencer bubble bursting, each week I change my mind about this weird topic. What do you think?

Read this article on Mumbrella here.

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