MECCA Maxima Opening at Mandurah Forum

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Who doesn't get excited about a new MECCA Maxima? Recently I popped into the newly revamped Mandurah Forum for a snoop around the place and of course for the opening day of MECCA. 

I've never been to an opening so I was a bit unsure of what to expect! There was the wonderful lockers with gift cards and prizes inside, crowds of mothers, daughters and quite literally just women and girls everywhere. You could tell we were all just so excited. 

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There didn't seem to be any products on special for the opening or anything, just the usual products at their normal prices. I guess we were just going crazy because of the access to these products rather than hiking up to the Perth CBD Myer store. 

Heres a snapshot of my basket before I was too easily distracted by sheet masks in the line for the cash register. 

There's a number of Mario Badescu products that I've been thinking about trying, a few Soap and Glory products along with a Too Faced holographic highlighter. Why? Because I obviously needed it.

I’m so excited to try all of my new products and review them for you! See you at Mecca!

Update: Read the Mario Badescu product review here. 

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Mecca Maxima Opening at Mandurah Forum
Mecca at Mandurah Forum
Mecca Maxima Opening at Mandurah Forum
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Thanks to the Mecca team for inviting me and providing me with a gift card, best day ever!